Director of Student Programs – Bill of Rights Institute – Arlington, VA

BRI380The Bill of Rights Institute (BRI) engages, educates, and empowers individuals with a passion for the freedom and opportunity that exist in a free society. BRI’s goal is to help the next generation understand the freedom & opportunity the Constitution offers.

To that end, BRI is looking for an entrepreneurial candidate who can advance its mission by driving growth in the Institute’s middle and high school student programs. The Director of Student Programs will report to the Institute’s president.

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Litigation Counsel – Freedom Foundation – Olympia, WA

Freedom Fnd2015-380
The Foundation is an action-focused, nonprofit organization with offices in Olympia, WA and Salem, OR. Our focus is the Pacific Northwest but our work makes a national impact as we continue to expand. The Foundation’s mission is to advance individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited, accountable government. To do that, we work to expose and decrease the influence of the union political machine. Success in this fight is a prerequisite to expanding freedom and prosperity not only in the Northwest, but across the country. The Foundation is the only group in the Northwest with this mission.

The Litigation Counsel will join an experienced, committed, and hard-working litigation team in the Foundation’s Olympia, WA office. Litigation is an essential part of the Foundation’s strategy to confront unions and their political allies. Foundation attorneys are frequently in state and federal court litigating against unions and state governments. They also support the Foundation in all its endeavors. The Foundation’s attorneys love what they do, enjoy working together, and passionately believe in the mission.

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Director of Education Policy – Mackinac Center for Public Policy – Midland, MI or Virtual Office in Michigan

Mackinac380The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Michigan-based public policy research and educational institute, is seeking a Director of Education Policy to help improve the quality of elementary and secondary education in Michigan. The Mackinac Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with 34 full-time employees, a 50-member Board of Scholars and an annual operating budget of $4 million. The Mackinac Center has been at the forefront of nationally recognized education reforms in Michigan. The Wall Street Journal has called the Mackinac Center the nation’s “leading advocate for a universal education tax credit.”

This full-time position involves researching, developing, and promoting reforms that 1) free public schools from needless state and federal government bureaucracy; 2) foster respect for the teaching profession; 3) create greater incentives for schools to respect parents and students as customers; 4) create greater incentives for continuous quality improvement, parental involvement, and efficient use of resources; 5) explore how educational choice can provide greater access to a quality education for all families, especially those in lower socioeconomic levels.

The director is a critical part of the Mackinac Center’s Education Policy Initiative to effect change in K-12 education in Michigan. Current major thrusts of the initiative include research projects on public school performance, finance and governance, charter schools and school choice, and education policy implementation.

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Foundations Manager – Institute for Justice – Arlington, VA

IJ380The Institute for Justice—the National Law Firm for Liberty—seeks an energetic, professional person to fill the role of Foundations Manager.  The position works with the Vice President for Development and Development Director to increase IJ’s foundation support and serve as IJ’s primary development writer.  It is ideal for anyone interested in a career in development as it offers tremendous potential for growth and an opportunity to be a part of a highly productive development team as it raises the Institute’s $20 million annual budget.


  • Manage IJ’s growing portfolio of 30+ foundation grants:
    • Draft and submit foundation grant proposals, reports, and other correspondence
    • Plan, schedule, and keep track of all foundation-related action items needed throughout the year
    • Manage and report on metrics agreed to by IJ and foundation donors
    • Watch for opportunities to cultivate foundation donors and prospects and ensure cultivation happens, either by doing it or enlisting another development team member
    • Identify, research, and follow through on prospective new foundation donors
  • Serve as IJ’s primary development writer with responsibility for drafting:
    • General support and project-specific proposals
    • Donor update letters on IJ’s four pillars of litigation:  economic liberty, property rights, free political and commercial speech, and school choice
    • Monthly solicitation letters for IJ’s individual donors
    • New donor acknowledgment letter each month covering a recent case launch, victory or other significant achievement
    • Quarterly appeal letters for IJ’s housefile donors

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Senior Director of Outreach – Mercatus Center at George Mason University – Arlington, VA

Mercatus380The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is seeking a Senior Director of Outreach to provide strategic guidance and lead a team in communicating Mercatus research to policy audiences.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and executing effective outreach strategies that connect Mercatus research with federal and state policy audiences;
  • Educating Mercatus researchers on the evolving context of policy debates and potential opportunities to advance the use of their research by policy audiences;
  • Working with policy research, communications, marketing, and events teams to ensure that Mercatus research is effectively disseminated to policy audiences;
  • Leading a team of outreach issue specialists covering all Mercatus research areas;
  • Developing and strengthening effective relationships with federal and state policy makers and staff so that Mercatus research informs and improves public policy;
  • Ensuring full compliance with Mercatus policies; and
  • Developing and overseeing the Outreach budget, staffing, strategies, and programs and providing regular updates and reporting.

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Senior Policy and Research Analyst  – Charles Koch Institute – Arlington, VA

CKI380The Charles Koch Institute’s policy team seeks an experienced senior policy and research analyst to join their efforts in driving research, analysis, and development of products including policy publications, blogs and op-eds. This is an opportunity to contribute to a national conversation on important issues such as, Cronyism and Corporate Welfare, Technology and Innovation, Toleration and Free Speech, as well as other policies consistent with a free society.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Drive policy research and analysis and contribute to materials for internal distribution and external publication on key issues related to free-societies and well-being
  • Supervise and develop junior policy staff, provide direction and feedback on work product, and general research assignments
  • Identify strategic opportunities for policy investments and review grant proposals
  • Support educational programs by identifying curriculum and providing content and instruction

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Litigation Counsel and Director, Center for Competitive Federalism – Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty – Milwaukee, WI

WILL380The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is a law and policy organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Established in 2011, WILL has become one of the preeminent state-based litigation centers, growing to six lawyers.  Through strategic litigation and timely policy reports, WILL seeks to advance the public interest in free markets, limited government, individual liberty and a robust civil society, including educational freedom and reform.

Through the generosity of our partners, WILL is establishing a Center for Competitive Federalism. The Center would engage in strategic litigation, public education and the development of model legislation to advance the “competitive” federalism established by the Constitution – a system in which the authority of both the states and federal government is carefully delineated and circumscribed and which is informed by the need to protect the liberty of persons and not the prerogatives of government. Although the Center will be based in Milwaukee, the scope of its activities will not be limited to Wisconsin.

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Education Research Director – Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty – Milwaukee, WI

WILL380The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) is a law and policy center devoted to advancing the public interest in constitutionally limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a robust civil society.  It has an education reform initiative that, among other things, promotes school choice, high quality schools, and disrupting the educational status quo through litigation, policy reports and research, and public advocacy.

WILL is seeking a fulltime Education Research Director to expand its efforts in the policy arena.  The position will require timely and targeted research in support of education reform, including enhanced parental choice, flexibility and innovation in the delivery of educational services, and the promotion of higher standards.  The Education Research Director will author and co-author policy reports and briefs which will be distributed statewide – and, at times, nationally – to education reform advocates, stakeholders, and policymakers.  He or she will also engage in efforts to educate the public on policy issues by writing and placing op-eds and writing blog posts for WILL’s web site.

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Vice President for Strategic Partnerships – Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity – Alexandria, VA, or Virtual Office

Franklin380The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity seeks a highly-motivated Vice President for Strategic Partnerships to lead its national fundraising and donor relations efforts and serve as a member of the strategic leadership team. The Franklin Center is a growing and dynamic nonprofit journalism organization with significant growth objectives over the next five years. Meeting these goals will require significant new resources to be generated through long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships with individual and ideologically-aligned donors from across the country.

If you have a passion for liberty, are motivated to achieve big success, and are ready for an exciting opportunity to shepherd a national, high-impact organization into its next phase of growth, please consider joining our team. After all, we’re on a mission from Ben (Franklin, that is).

The Vice President for Strategic Partnerships will ideally be located in Franklin’s Alexandria, VA headquarters. We will also consider a virtual office for the right candidate with a proven record.

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Vice President & Litigation Counsel – The Fairness Center – Harrisburg or Philadelphia, PA

TFC380The Fairness Center is a nonprofit, public interest law firm offering free legal services to those facing unjust treatment from public employee union leaders. In its first year of existence, the Fairness Center has already initiated legal actions to protect public workers and taxpayers from unjust, illegal actions taken by the Pennsylvania State Education Association, National Education Association, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Service Employees International Union, American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, and Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties.

We provide attorneys that will serve as the moral voices for these hard-working Americans, not just in the courtroom, but also in the public arena. The Fairness Center is the only multi-state, collaborative organization focused solely on offering free legal services to those facing unjust treatment from public employee union leaders. Currently, our lawyers’ focus is assisting clients in Pennsylvania.

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