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Talent Tip #157: Five MORE Tips for Discussing Salary During Your Job Hunt

Claire Kittle Dixon, Executive Director, Talent Market Last month you’ll remember we offered up the first five of 10 tips on discussing salary during your job hunt.  This month we’ll finish off the list with the last five. When asked about salary during an interview, answer…and then stop talking – If you haven’t already provided salary information […]

Talent Tip #156: Five Tips for Discussing Salary During Your Job Hunt

Claire Kittle Dixon Salary is a hot topic here at Talent Market (right up there with interviewing, dating, the Great Cat Versus Dog Debate, and the proper use of the word “bet”). And that’s why I couldn’t believe our last comprehensive article about salary was more than 50 Talent Tips ago! I’m ashamed! Let me […]

Talent Tip #155: What Promposals Can Teach Us About Hiring

Picture the scene. It’s prom season at Brookdale High School. Emotions, hormones, Taylor Swift, and the faint scent of benzoyl peroxide permeate the air. Brandy is a popular and pretty senior who is perceptively aware that she is both popular and pretty. She makes it clear to all of her friends, enemies, frenemies, and the […]