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Talent Tip #138: What HGTV Can Teach Us About the Market for Talent

Katelynn Barbosa A couple of years ago, I was home sick with a bad sinus infection and chose to spend that time in the most productive way possible – reading seminal novels I had never gotten around to. Just kidding. I binged watching HGTV. If you haven’t watched HGTV before, the basic format of every […]

Talent Tip #137: How Networking Can Make (or Break) Your Job Search

Many moons ago I was at a networking function in Washington, DC when a gentleman strolled up to me with the Worst Networking Line Ever™. “What do you do?” “I’m a graduate student at….” Before I could finish the sentence he turned around and walked away. I kid you not. His exceptional deductive reasoning skills […]

Talent Tip #136: On Cake and Virtual Work

By Katelynn Barbosa I’ll never forget the day my daughter first discovered cake. Her eyes lit up in a feeling of pure bliss, discovery, and shock. How had we been keeping this food from her? Ever since, cake is never far from her mind. We recently hosted a large family gathering where she walked around […]