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Talent Tip #120: 5 Tips to Ensure an Efficient Hiring Process

You know how I like to compare dating and hiring, right? Well, let me share a story. Many moons ago I was dating a great guy. Smart, funny, handsome, gainfully employed, liberty-minded…the whole nine yards. But after a long spell of dating, he was clearly afraid of commitment. So, I dumped him. If this gentleman […]

Talent Tip #119: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid as You Launch Your Career

As I look back on my early career, I can’t believe I’m not stuck working at a place like Chotchkie’s. Why? Well, I made a lot of boneheaded decisions and missed out on some great opportunities. And mostly because I just didn’t know any better. Such is the case for many recent graduates. After all, […]