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Talent Tip #146: 5 Reasons Candidates Decline Job Offers

I know a thing or two about rejection. I once went on a blind date with a guy who, from the moment the date started, clearly did not want to be there. He had this disapproving look on his face the entire evening, almost like he was a member of the Royal Family or maybe […]

Talent Tip #145: 10 Tips for Recent College Grads on the Job Hunt

“My first bit of advice is to stop wearing purple lipstick.” That’s what the slightly uptight, middle-aged woman across the table told me. I was a naive 22 year-old eager to find a job and this no-nonsense, tweed-wearing consultant said she could help. Until that very moment, I had no idea that my choice of […]

Talent Tip #144: The F Word

I love the F word. I use it frequently, in fact. I say it in front of my clients and candidates…in front of mature audiences and young professionals….even kids. Heck, I say it in front of my mother-in-law. I’m shameless about it. No matter when or where I use it, it never fails to raise […]