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Talent Tip #136: On Cake and Virtual Work

By Katelynn Barbosa I’ll never forget the day my daughter first discovered cake. Her eyes lit up in a feeling of pure bliss, discovery, and shock. How had we been keeping this food from her? Ever since, cake is never far from her mind. We recently hosted a large family gathering where she walked around […]

Talent Tip #134: 10 Tips for Pivoting into a Career That Advances Liberty

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from someone who wants to move into a career that advances the principles of economic freedom, free enterprise, and limited government. I made that transition myself many moons ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (along with rescuing a dog and not going to […]

Talent Tip #133 1/2: 10 Reasons Your Cover Letter is Terrible (Part 2)

(This month’s newsletter article is the second of a two-part series written by Katelynn Barbosa, who is now on maternity leave.) As you may recall, last month I provided the first five of ten super honest tips about a vital component of every job application – the cover letter. This month I’m giving you the […]