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Talent Tip #144: The F Word

I love the F word. I use it frequently, in fact. I say it in front of my clients and candidates…in front of mature audiences and young professionals….even kids. Heck, I say it in front of my mother-in-law. I’m shameless about it. No matter when or where I use it, it never fails to raise […]

Talent Tip #142: 10 Questions to Ask on Your Next Date/Job Interview

My father once gave me some fantastic dating advice: “On the first date, ask him what drugs he is taking, legal and illegal.” Subtly isn’t my dad’s forte, and now you know I came by it honestly. But you can understand what pops was getting at. Before you get serious about someone, pop open the […]

Talent Tip #141: Five Gifts to Give a Hiring Manager

It’s that time of year again! I can’t wait to drink egg nog, watch Christmas Vacation for the 7641st time, and erect the Festivus pole/prepare for the airing of grievances. Speaking of grievances, have you ever gotten a really terrible holiday gift? Many moons ago, a boyfriend of mine got me a stunning, likely expensive, […]