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Talent Tip #133: 10 Reasons Your Cover Letter is Terrible (Part 1)

(This month’s newsletter article is the first of a two-part series written by Katelynn Barbosa, who just went on maternity leave.)   I’m feeling extra grumpy and salty because I am 37 weeks pregnant, sick of waddling everywhere, and dying for a stiff cocktail. The good news for you is that my current state has […]

Talent Tip #131: Six Things the Pandemic Taught Free-Market Nonprofits

I don’t know about you, but I won’t be sad to say goodbye to this year when it ends. Much like your in-laws after a week-long visit, 2020 has overstayed its welcome. It’s a been a grueling year on multiple fronts, and I think we’re all ready for a fresh start. But despite its glaring […]

Talent Tip #130: 7 Keys To Finding a Mentor

By Katy Gambella How do I find a mentor? How do I ask that person to be my mentor? How do I get the most out of a mentoring relationship? I hear these questions from young professionals all the time. And I can relate because I struggled with all of these things myself. Striking up a […]