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Talent Tip #160: Advice for Creating a Buzz-worthy Resume (Part I)

If you pay attention to entertainment news, you’re well aware that Hollywood is gearing up for another thrilling television and film awards season. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve only seen a fraction of nominated films up for the big, buzz-worthy, awards and also much prefer the good-natured fun of the Golden Raspberry (aka […]

Talent Market Turns 15!

This year Talent Market turns 15! We’re still not legal to drive, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting a lot done over the last 5,475 days! Since 2009, Talent Market has: Helped 240+ liberty-oriented nonprofits find the talent they need to be successful – Our clients include national policy and research organizations, state-based think tanks, […]

Talent Tip #159: Airing of Application Grievances: Holiday Lessons For Job Seekers

The Talent Market Team Pour the eggnog and erect the Festivus pole – it’s time for our annual Airing of the Application Grievances! Now, before we jump in, keep in mind that the ladies of Talent Market see a sleigh full of job applications each year (4,000+ this year!). That means we see thousands of reasons for people […]