Talent Market: Where Liberty and Talent Intersect


Welcome to Talent Market, an entity of DonorsTrust. Our mission is to promote liberty by providing talent for critical roles within the free-market nonprofit sector.  We provide free consulting and recruiting services to free-market think tanks, policy organizations, and research centers dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government. Talent Market believes that the road to prosperity is paved with freedom, and the success of our movement hinges on the talent that will take us there. Since Talent Market does not charge nonprofits for its services, it is only through the generosity of donors that we can continue our important work. Talent Market raises its own funds from individuals, businesses, and foundations. Thank you for your support.

Client Testimonial

  • “If you are interested in advancing the idea of liberty through a career at a nonprofit institution, Talent Market is a resource you would be foolish to ignore. Not only is Talent Market well positioned to open doors for you, but Ms. Claire Kittle is intelligent, shrewd, and savvy. Her advice is always dead-on and her suggestions always produce immediate results. Finally, and perhaps, most importantly, Ms. Kittle is honest, generous, and has a great sense of humor. Looking for work is never fun or easy, even more so in this tough job market. But Ms. Kittle is a kind heart in the heartless world of job hunting. She won’t just find you a job, she will find you a job you love.”
    — Michael Zarowny, Assistant Director of Finance

Latest Openings

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